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About Us

Local Vegetable Farm

We have 40 acres of land that we have enjoyed for several years. We have grown food to feed our family with harvest and preserves lasting through the winter. We now are ready to share this with you. We have home grown vegetables, eggs and homemade food. It’s a great place to visit at all seasons, since things are constantly changing here.

Come by and enjoy our products. Our farm store has a drop box for your cash.  Come and find us if you need change or have questions. We will be in the garden.  Read on to learn more about our operations, products.

We recycle EVERYTHING.   Anything edible goes to the chickens. Anything with carbon (paper, cardboard, etc) goes to the garden or the compost. Anything from the garden goes to the worms and the compost.  I would be happy to recycle your mason jars, pots and seed starting trays and egg cartons. Bring your own bags for the veggies to reduce the use of plastic.

Preserves are made in reusable mason jars.  We would love to get them back. As well any others from your aunt or grandma's attic!

We have had questions about the name "Erdman."  I learned to garden by my Mother's side as a child and Erdman was her maiden name.  Erd is "earth" in German and the name means "Man of the Earth" or "Farmer" in German.

About Us: Our Farm
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