Beetroots and Leeks

Erdman Farm

What's new this week

It was a hard year to garden.  Lots of irrigation still does not make up for lack of rain and too much heat.  Still, there are enough tomatoes for toasted tomato sandwiches and some to can fo the winter spagghetti sauces.

The sping chicks are now starting to lay and the chickens keep us busy all year.  Animals are a commitment, whether it is 35 degree above or 35 degrees below. There are lots of beautiful eggs of many colours and sizes through the winter. Its like Easter every day at our house.

There is always some satisfaction and a bit of relief when the veggies stop and the preserves are done.  Cucumber pickles, pickled beets, raspberry jam bring summer to the table year round.  Once the garden is put away, other things get done.  The house gets cleaned. The books on the bedside table get read. Winter projects are get underway.  There is a rhythm to the seasons. Bring on the hoar frost.